Required fields are marked *, For those who are dairy-free or want to replace the yogurt. At some point it will be all behind us and people will see this recipe and wonder why I bothered to post such a thing when the stores are full of flour and yeast and ... toilet paper. So glad it turned out well, thanks for trying the recipe 🙂. Your email address will not be published. Home » Quick Bread Recipes » Easy Oatmeal Batter Bread without Flour. 💬 Comments. This bread tasted delicious. Hi Alissa! You can line your pan with parchment paper if you have it, or just spray it down well with cooking spray to grease the pan 🙂. My bread had the same issues as others. Coconut flour (no need to grind in blender), Almond flour (no need to grind in blender). 1 1/2 teaspoons active dry yeast. That’s fantastic! and im surprised by how thin the slices are in the video. Check out my Restless Chipotle & Co. Store on Amazon where you'll find all kinds of nostalgic goodness! The bread is so delicious! If you’re making homemade oat flour (blending up oats to make your own oat flour), you may need MORE than 2 1/3 cups oats to make your flour. Was it dairy free? It crumbles apart. That way, your oat flour will have a finer texture, making your honey oat bread lighter and airier! To combat this, I’m sharing one of my foolproof bread recipes, made with no flour and no yeast. (it makes weird bread - not recommended). Hi! Hi, the Gluten Free Honey Oat Bread Recipe Without Yeast is very useful, does the oats have to be gluten free for this or any kind of oats. If you can't find old fashioned oats think outside the box. Thank you for the recipe! In terms of the egg replacement, we actually haven’t tried making this as an egg-free bread, so that could also be contributing to the texture difference! You could try our gluten free vegan bread recipe though if you’re interested Thank you . Hi Claire, unfortunately we haven’t tried making this recipe with a substitute for yogurt, so I can’t speak to what your best option would be – and substitutions in gluten free recipes tend to be trickier… If you’re open to it, try a dairy free yogurt alternative like coconut milk yogurt or soy milk yogurt! Any oats will work in this recipe! As mentioned, we don’t have the metric measurements for this recipe, and we haven’t personally tried this recipe using specific metric measurements. We’re so happy to know that it turned out well for you 🙂 take care! This easy oatmeal batter bread without yeast starts with old fashioned oats ground into a flour and baked into a simple loaf. Today’s recipe is an adaptation of one of our favorite bread recipes in her book. Transfer batter to prepared loaf pan and sprinkle additional rolled oats on top. Tips for Measuring Ingredients Accurately. 2 cups warm (not hot) water. I suggest you try my Honey Wheat Bread, which is very similar (. But, oats are a fiber-filled and naturally gluten free alternative! Savory Oat Flour Bread Hungry Hobby. I would of added raisins but I was doing it for a teenager. Hi Nora, I’m sorry to hear that this recipe isn’t turning out as expected. Another tip, when combining the wet mixture with oats, yogurt, egg, and honey, I recommend using a hand mixer if you have one, just to get everything nice and integrated. All the best during these uncertain times, thanks again! We haven’t personally tried this recipe by substituting for the yogurt, so we can’t say for sure how it would work. You don’t NEED gluten to enjoy deliciously soft homemade bread. Which oil is a good replacement for coconut oil? Hi there, the rolled oats listed in the recipe are all raw, uncooked oats! No Yeast Oat Flour Bread Recipes. Also, it could be an issue with the bake time/temp, depending on your oven and where you live – sometimes overcooked bread turns out crumbly! Some of that old knowledge sure comes in handy sometimes, doesn't it? Sugar - or other sweetener like brown sugar, molasses, honey, etc 7. Beat the egg white with the cold water. Thanks. Also consider covering your bread with a foil tent for for the first half of the bake time – this can help the heat to penetrate through to the middle of the bread. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I followed your recipe to a tee but I had the same problem as some of the others. That being said, in general, the yogurt is acting as a fat substitute and providing moisture. My tummy and tastebuds look forward to this every morning 🙂, Thanks for trying out the recipe, Gemma! But this No-Knead Honey Oat Bread has me rethinking all of that! Even without gluten, this honey oat bread recipe has the taste and texture of a fluffy, soft wheat bread! In fact, this gluten free soda bread recipe uses basic storecupboard ingredients (plus a few from the fridge) and bakes in 30 minutes, with no kneading necessary. (original recipe called for buttermilk but I was out). Thank you so much for the recepy I appreciate your enthusiasm and I can’t wait to to bake my own oatmeal bread. Unfortunately we’ve only made this recipe with plain yogurt, so we can’t be sure how any substitutes might affect the texture or taste of this recipe! Hope this can help 🙂. OAT my goodness…this honey oat bread recipe is just as delicious as it looks! For the next time you bake the bread, yes, it is best to measure the coconut oil from melted. Quite easy to make. Hi, the recipe says to bake it for 45 min but my bread was still pretty raw in the middle after 45 min? Wow,wow,wow. salt, eggs, baking soda, oat flour, honey, ground flax, baking powder and 1 more. 🙂. However, we have heard from someone else who used applesauce to replace the egg, and they said it turned out great! The other day I made a poll in my Instagram story asking you guys what type of bread works for you now, yeasted bread or no yeast bread (quick bread). Wow this is amazing information! Amanda Garland. But something didn’t work right and I’m hoping you can help. No Yeast Wheat Bread is absolutely incredible. Hi TJ! This is a bread for those times when you can't get to the store or can't get the supplies you need. See those gorgeous toasted oats on top? This was developed from a recipe my mom had during the Depression. Makes 1 loaf. oven to 180 degrees Celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit) Place the ground almonds, Not sure it would work without it! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 Unfortunately, we don’t have the metric measurements for this recipe – I’m sorry! Simply store cut slices/loaf in an airtight container in the freezer. My best recommendation would be to try substituting for the yogurt with a non-dairy yogurt, like coconut yogurt or almond milk yogurt – preferably a non-dairy yogurt that’s a bit thicker/not-so-runny in texture! Kaffeeklatch Bake at 350F and let cool completely before cutting. So glad to know that you and your granddaughter can both enjoy this yummy bread 🙂 We’re very happy to have you in this community, and we appreciate you sharing the channel with your family! Hi Brenda, so glad to know that you enjoyed this recipe and that it worked with sunflower oil! With a 40 year focus on the importance of family and a passion for southern comfort food, Marye Audet-White is an expert in melding the two together effortlessly. Thank you so much for sharing your ingredient substitutions and amounts – this will be incredibly helpful for us and for others in the community. It was a little sticky. I took your advice and just mixed till all moist. Unfortunately we don’t have a suitable substitute for the yogurt in this recipe – although you could try using a non-dairy yogurt option like coconut yogurt or almond milk yogurt! We put plain greek yogurt and banana on it for breakfast.. Yum ! The result was that my bread came out sticky and crumbly. Can I line with par Gabe to stead of spraying and using foil? As for the yeast-free bread, you could consider replacing the rice flour with more sorghum and oat flour or try buckwheat flour or millet flour as an alternative. If using the egg replacement and finding the inside of the bread to be sticky, you may want to try baking the bread for a bit longer, or covering it with a foil tent for a portion of the bake time to help the heat penetrate into the center of the loaf. Y'all, as I write this we are in for a rough patch - all of us. Army veteran. Hello! (it makes weird bread - not recommended). I warmed it in the toaster oven and it would fall apart when I tried to take it out. because i didnt do that. You can store this bread at room temperature, although I personally prefer to store it in the fridge for maximum freshness! When I'm busy I pay the price for this alternative bread as I do not eat regular bread containing wheat flour, yeast, gluten or dairy milk (eggs ok) so was seeking a recipe online to make my own and there you were!! Do you perhaps have the metric measurements for this recipe? Followed the recipe as written, including making oat flour from oats and then sifting, and the bread was fluffy, moist and perfect. BUT, I have taken the U.S. measurements from above and converted them into metric measurements, using a combination of standard conversions as well as measurements provided on the product packaging of ingredients we frequently use in the Mind Over Munch kitchen. Yeast bread recipes rarely list an exact amount of flour needed in the ingredients. We’ve also heard from someone else who had issues with crumbling – they refrigerated their loaf for a few hours, then said they were able to slice it easily without it falling apart! This no-flour, oatmeal batter bread is such and easy recipe there's aren't a lot of tips to give! No yeast needed. Even without traditional all-purpose or wheat flour, oat flour bread is actually amazingly light and fluffy. Olive oil instead of coconut oil. Thank you so much for giving it a try and for sharing the awesome feedback 🙂. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. My apologies! Hello, thank you very much for this delicious tasting bread. I had to put it in the fridge before I sliced it to avoid some crumbling. This bread was done, from putting the bag of flour on the counter to bread out of the oven, in 2 hours. About to try it ! Hi there, we haven’t personally tried making this recipe with a flaxseed egg as a replacement, so I can’t say for sure how it would turn out. Do you have any advice please? Despite the gumminess and uncooked pieces, the bread tasted wonderful. No tricks with this honey oat bread recipe, though! I hope this can help 🙂. I find it’s always a good idea to monitor the oven a bit when I’m making a new recipe and check for doneness intermittently (especially when it’s a bread or baked good). Homemade oat flour works just as well as store-bought, and you’ll save a pretty penny making your own. Keep in mind this is an emergency bread - best for those times you can't get regular bread or flour. If you love this recipe please give it 5 stars! Maybe due to the ceramic bread pan? We’ve unfortunately only tested the recipe using the U.S. measurements provided above. Using the hand mixer is definitely crucial for this recipe, but I do think you may be onto something with the flour. Although our bread recipes are often works in progress, we haven’t gotten much feedback about the bake time being an issue for this recipe – the gas oven could indeed be part of the problem! | About 6 minutes to read this article. Plus, every slice is filled with nutritious, whole grain goodness—and totally gluten free! so i did it as the recipe instructs and it turned out crumbly, found it difficult to slice even though i put it in the fridge to firm and used a bread knife. This is a simple, quick bread that takes about 45 minutes. 🙂, I tried it without the egg and the dough was too dry. It was a little crumbly but I was pretty much expecting that. This will be my new staple bread recipe. No-Knead Oatmeal Bread: Freshly baked bread is a far superior experience compared to commercially produced bread with all those additives and preservatives. Unfortunately we haven’t tried this recipe in a bread machine so we can’t say for sure how it would turn out, or how you’d have to adjust the cook time/temp in order to bake it in your machine. Thank you for this recipe. Taste was good but it crumbled and it was very greasy and gummy. Will be reading more of your recipes. So glad I found your site! The bread was GREAT. You simply mix the raw oats in with the oil, yogurt, eggs, and honey. I used regular milk to give it a bit more sweetness and I didn’t have coconut oil so I used olive oil instead. Any advice? It came off on the knife. The flavour was lovely but the colour and texture did not resemble your bread ( as I had to leave it in for longer to cook in the middle) . Soooo I experimented. Yes, some crumbliness is to be expected, but it sounds like a tasty success 🙂. Hi Mickey, so glad that you enjoy the recipe! This gluten free soda bread is possibly the best gluten free bread I have ever baked. Store in an airtight container or zip-top bag with as much air removed as possible. A healthy gluten free sandwich bread option that’s unbelievably easy to make! Thanks for the wonderful recipe… I love it and I am pleased that the ingredients are healthy. In general, the yogurt acts as a fat substitute and providing moisture. Our best selling ebook turned into a course – Meal prep ignite! Mine had a very tasty flavor, but didn’t turn out quite as fluffy as yours – any tips? But sometimes things happen. I’m so glad to hear that Mehmet 🙂 thank you for trying out the recipe!! I don’t cook with coconut oil and was wondering- do you melt it first or use it solid? Hi Marisa, thanks so much for trying out the recipe! Delicious as a gluten free sandwich bread, toasted and buttered, or enjoyed plain as-is! Wish us luck as she’s missing turkey sandwiches something awful Thanks in advance. (In case you didn’t the first time around.) I’m not sure what the precise time adjustment would be, but you’d need to monitor your bread while it bakes to figure out what the appropriate bake time is for a silicone pan! Gluten free breads and baking in general can be pretty tricky. Allow loaf to cool in the pan for 10-20 minutes. Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C). I am very new to Gluten, Sugar, Egg and Dairy free baking, so I still have a few lessons to learn, but I will definitely try this recipe again. I wish I could be more helpful! In other baking recipes, some possible substitutions would be using applesauce, mashed banana, or even pumpkin puree instead. They should not be cooked. The following are affiliate links. So I thought I’d mixed everything well.

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