Dwarven Mace of Soul Snares: 13 12 16 403 Dwarven Metal Ingot: 000acc21 Dwarven Mace of Burning: 13 12 16 400 Dwarven Metal Ingot: 000acc14 Dwarven Mace of Scorching: 15 12 16 511 Dwarven Metal Ingot: 000acc15 Dwarven Mace of Winnowing: 17 12 16 790 Dwarven Metal Ingot: 000acc0c Dwarven Mace of Siphoning: 13 12 16 478 Dwarven Metal Ingot: 000acc0a Dwarven Items. Can be made with the Dwarven Smithing perk 1 Leather Strip; 1 x Steel Ingot; 2 x Dwarven Metal Ingots ; 1 x Iron Ingot . The Dwarven Mace features a head made of a solid piece of Dwemer metal mounted on a reinforced wooden shaft, resulting in a perfectly-balanced killing implement. A Guide to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's Smithing skill. 00013995 - Dwarven Bow. These locations include: Blacksmiths and general goods merchants, Wielded by various characters or enemies, Found as random loot in chests, or as a world item throughout Skyrim, or Calcelmo's Museum - in a display case. Calcelmo is an elderly Altmer Conjurer who can be found in Understone Keep where his nephew, Aicantar, helps him in the laboratory. Acquired From. I always liked the style of the weapons in the Elder Scrolls series. For example, if a Dwarven sword was 9 base dmg and an Orcish sword was 10 base damage: You would only be able to craft a sword with 9 base dmg at smithing skill 30, and would have to wait until 50 to craft a 10 base damage sword. Crafting Recipe 00000005 5 00013994 - Dwarven Battleaxe. Not to be confused with Carecalmo. ... Maces: Iron, steel, orcish, dwarven, elven, glass, ebony, daedric, dragonbone, nordic, stalhrim, Mace of Molag Bal Swords: Dwarven Mace is a Mace in Skyrim. 3D Printed and hand finished. Burns the target for 20 points. Dwarven weapons and armor are medium-quality items of Dwemer design that are made from Dwarven Metal Ingots. Lists all crafting recipes for all weapon and armor materials and provides tips to leveling the skill efficiently. He has a great interest in the Dwemer and is the author of many scholarly works about them. Loot Dwarven Mace of Cowardice Dwarven Mace of Fear Unfortunately, the weapons in Skyrim are very large and have all sorts of bizarre details. Upgrades and Enchantment. ... Dwarven Mace: 12: 16: 190: 2x Dwarven Metal Ingot, 1x Steel Ingot, 1x Iron Ingot, 1x Leather Strips: Dwarven War Axe: 12: 16: 190: Creatures and people up to level 13 flee from combat for 30 seconds. --Legal Notice-- *This is only FAN ART, it is not intended to represent in any way, the officially licensed product or its affiliates. Unenchanted Dwarven maces will begin to appear throughout Skyrim at level 12, and enchanted maces can be found at level 13. Targets on fire take extra damage Looted from Veren Duleri in Nightcaller Temple Dwarven Mace of Burning Dwarven Mace of Scorching 00013997 - Dwarven Greatsword. The secret of creating Dwarven Metal was lost with the Dwemer, and therefore it is one of the two metals that can't be mined, the other being Steel.However, the Dwemer left large amounts of scrap metal behind in their Dwarven Ruins, and this scrap metal can be smelted into ingots. 00013998 - Dwarven Mace. The exotic materials, the beautiful artwork. Elder Scrolls Skyrim Dwarven Mace. This is a one handed blunt tip weapon from Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 00013996 - Dwarven Dagger. This is a collection of a number InsanitySorrow's smaller releases from Skyrim compiled into a single file for SE (with permission from InsanitySorrow 00013999 - Dwarven Sword. Unenchanted version can be found throughout Skyrim starting from level 12 and enchanted version starting from level 13.

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