They also have breached their agreement with me by doing so, and their policies, all are legally binding. I love my card it came in handy for Christmas I would love a credit increase but not banking on it. Free to download now, we have lots of features to enable you to manage your account easily: - View your latest balance and available credit limit - … What kind of features do NewDay customers like? Your aqua online account lets you manage everything to do with your aqua card in one convenient place – from paying your balance to changing personal details. Free to download now, we have lots of features to enable you to manage your account The registered office for these companies is 7 Handyside Street, London, N1C 4DA. 4.1 What information does my Aqua Credit Checker report provide? I think it has been issued more than a week. very very disappoint from their online dispute handling service. Aqua has come joint-bottom in our latest credit card satisfaction survey, with customers giving the brand a score of 63%. No complaints. Aqua Card is great I moved to the UK recently, I applied for the Aqua card to build my credit score. We're always looking to improve our service too so we hope that you continue to enjoy being our customer. They like to quote their literature yet, don't even seem to fully comprehend what they (as the other signatory) have agreed to. If someone, for one example, cannot communicate via telephone, you should accommodate. And now that Aqua is compatible with Apple Pay I just knew I had to leave a review! holidays with that piece of mind of having some extra security with the payment. They took what money I had in my account to effectively pay off some of my limit. Aqua’s credit cards are designed to help you improve your credit score. Hello Agi. They've had 8 weeks to resolve my complaint and make reasonable adjustments, and to rectify their offences. One of NewDay’s core Manifesto values is to be a welcoming business, and in doing so, responsibly say ‘yes’ to more customers. Aqua card has played a great role in my life and given me hope once again, that when things are tough there are still some companies that trust you and give you that helping hand when you need it most, I would recommend them to anyone who need a good credit card, Great service. If you’re over 18 and have ever taken out a loan, credit card or mobile phone contract, then you will have a credit report. I certainly have enough evidence. Never had any problems. And a nice and easy app to help manage all payments. aqua Classic Credit Card review 2021. Not sure it happened only to me or general problem. Find out more about the NewDay Aqua by reading our trusted Smart Money People reviews. Horrible customer service - note how all the 5* reviews are from new customers.... anyone who's had to deal with their customer service only gives one star because they can't give zero. Ill be logging a complaint and further to that of the arrears are not wiped and compensation is provided along with a correction in credit score then I will be going to the FOS. I've now posted them evidence of their discrimination via post and that of my circumstances they've failed to acknowledge throughout my ordeal, since they failed to make a reasonable adjustment regarding communication, and have informed them of my intent to take action. Noting that (despite my numerous requests) not one member of a Customer Care team that separately deals with situations like this and vulnerable customers has responded. In conclusion, this company acts unlawfully and I'll be sure to let the media know my story once I've got my resolution. A proof point of this value is our range of credit cards that are designed to provide credit to those customers who are underserved by High Street lenders. An in-depth review of the Aqua Credit Card application process Write off debt now . Can do everything online.Great customer service. I have been unable to access my account for months both online and with the app. 1 Costumar service is useless2 Charges apply even when you dont use it.3 Aquacard sends forms to people without requesting one.100% not the one to get. Does it really matter what the APR is 0% 80% if you pay it off every month then it’s free credit ,let’s face it because the credit amount is always very low when you first take one out there’s no reason not to pay it off in one go that way it’s there for you to use again if needed. I had a fairly large credit limit and was paying off a bit more than minimum payment every month so I could have been doing better. I closed mine. Hey there Kenneth! Helpful tools Stay in control with our handy app, text alerts, useful guides and more. Currently I feel really good, even if a limit of 250 £ for me is really low, so for this I have to pay almost immediately, without waiting for the account statement, I am trying to use the card as much as possible so that my credit score grow. Aqua credit card services are completely incompetent. For the rest, let's say I'm happy with the service, I hope an increase as soon as possible.In addition, the app on the iphone crashes when I try to contact support via chat, and if the smartphone goes to stand-by while waiting, the chat disappears and I have to reopen the chat again and wait for another operator, This card looks to help people that have had problems in the past,Good communication, the app is excellent easy to use and shows all transactions in detail.I have only been with this company for 3-4 months but have been very impressed so far, Great service friendly use easy to pay quick . SCOTT NELSON August 07, 2019. Credit Cards . They need investigating! A contract they created no less, Aqua, read the small print. In fact, it's the only "credit-builder" card that pays cashback (0.5%) on purchases, making this a great card for everyday use. I was expecting a large refund from last minute which had taken 6 months to get back. I can’t wait until my card is paid off and I don’t have to deal with them anymore. I got the £450 refund in and before I could do anything with the money Aqua decided to reduce my credit limit to £650. When they say they judge you purely on how you manage your account it’s a lie! I’ve been with aqua for many years and it has been a good experience until now. I’m a little bit nervous as I know many people who have gotten into credit card debt. Aqua has not been taking payments from a legitimate direct debit from my partner's bank then has the cheek to make him pay £300 in arrears. This has put me in a very difficult situation. They refuse to reply to any customer contact and when they do, they do so in a way that guarantees the customer is not able … Had my aqua card now almost 3 years can't remember when I last had a credit limit increase. It's really quite simple. Still no response.Beyond ridiculous.Reply - this is not a "complex query".The Financial Ombudsman Service ruled against you. It's not rocket science who is at fault here. Still the issue has not been resolved. ‎Manage your account anywhere, anytime, with our secure mobile app. A relative offered me some money to buy some clothes as a present. 1.9. aquacreditca Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for aqua Advance credit card at We're always here to help and were glad you're able to reach us when needed. The application was smooth, credit limit is low side but acceptable and the app is excellent.Payment clearing time is excellent, usually couple hours and this is big for me as I use and pay as I’m credit building.Very good so far, credit score is rising already. A “credit-builder” card aimed at people with a poor credit rating aqua offers a range of credit cards for those with poor or limited credit histories, who might struggle to get approved for more mainstream cards. Easy to use. They've failed to respond, even apologize, except with further repeated discriminatory actions and unlawful demands (given the above) which are unreasonable and constitute the above offences. Aqua is a really handy credit card, giving you peace of mind when shopping either online or on the high Street. I have been a customer more than 1.5 years so far. They talk a good game on here but do nothing when you try to contact them. Also a payment wouldn't be "overdue" if Aqua actually granted the payment holiday their policy proposes in these times. Aqua is a very good credit card because helpful for credit building and also shopping online pay Aple I’m very happy to get it I love Aqua card, I am having trouble paying my min payment Aqua won’t accept my prepaid card account my card also been blocked for 24 hours I need account details so I can paye min payment today as I don’t want to fall behind payment kind regards Stuart Webb. Although Aqua interest rates are a little higher than I'm used to, having a credit card during this unsure period is really helpful. I can say that I now know my rights and this abusive mistreatment, by law, is not taken lightly. is ready to use tried didnt work. I’ve had my aqua card just short of 2 years. A credit card to help repair bad credit. Pre-approved credit cards! Well I felt that they could have given me better answer than just call. Very good so far, credit score is rising already. So why only 2 stars? *" paid all the charges on time i also cleared my balances every teen days. Aqua gave me a credit card when no one else would. Together, we … Latest Aqua card review and maybe end game as I stated in first update! Notwithstanding that I'd been sending them multiple requests for aid/reasonable adjustments since October 12, 2020. I didn’t have much problems and issues so far but recently I couldn’t log in my mobile app and web browser. Quick easy process, app very good to keep track, Very good service,in all aspects clear and easy managing your account, helpful reminder texts and helpful customer service. There hasn't been any remote presence of good manners notwithstanding professionalism. Today, 13 th November, aqua launches a new credit card product: aqua start. Fast and easy Check your eligibility in less than 60 seconds, with no impact on your credit score. I know a couple of people who'll be out of employment rightfully in the new year too. None. I was told to contact them first through there app and got no Meaningful response and then when I called them(although quite polite) the young lady told me exactly what I had stated in my first review people! I’ve been incredibly disappointed with Aqua. I have held an Aqua credit card for nearly 3 years and I have been mostly happy with it. Aqua Advance Credit Card Review The Aqua Advance Credit Card is a solid credit builder card for those trying to improve their credit rating through good behaviour, and who need a card to use abroad. I would like to know how people get the increases they do. I have an aqua card and an aqua loan and an opus card with a Small credit limit. Credit is provided by NewDay Ltd. NewDay Ltd and NewDay Cards Ltd are companies registered in England and Wales with registered numbers 7297722 and 4134880 respectively. © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. NewDay Aqua reviews can help you to find out about the pros and cons of the Aqua credit card. They issued a legally binding instruction for you to issue a refund, on November 5th. App works fine, interaction with customer service is very good. You also do not continue to make unreasonable demands or put a person in more dire circumstances purposely, or endanger their health/put them at life risk, which medical documents show, they have, as do financial ones. However be sure to manage … Manage your account anywhere, anytime, with our secure mobile app. ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about Aqua credit card. They may be licensed to provide credit card services but they are not competent. Agency(who can I say is almost impossible to fight and win) you may find yourself with the same limit years later!! Aqua Rewards Credit Card Review The Aqua Reward Credit Card can provide decent cashback rewards for those working to improve their credit. Aqua is 100% an amazing credit card to build your credit. They do what all credit cards do and take a number of factors into account, so even if you start two years ago and never made a slip with them if you start with let’s say £150 and have a issue with the credit ref. Your choice though guys although I have now found a credit card that does go totally on how you handle your account with them so PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH before jumping the gun and listening to Aqua false promises ok? I’ve been struggling to rebuild my credit score after my problems with payday loans, so I’ve decided to apply for an Aqua Credit Card. The aqua Advance Mastercard is a “credit-builder” card with slightly more favourable terms than others in aqua’s range.It may well be designed as a next step from aqua’s other cards, or for applicants with slightly better credit histories (although all aqua’s cards are designed with poor or limited credit histories in mind). Last updated: Oct 14, 2020. I had informed Aqua of the same in case it got flagged. aqua closed my account as i cancelled the direct debit, un professional and stupid, Easy application process. It shows the page has been blocked. I got my card almost a year ago now and they have steadily upped my credit limit to £3,200 which allows great flexibility to use it for large purchases e.g. I am abroad atm and I sent msg via facebook messenger and service agent only advised to call. A really good professional approach, products suit me, very informative about all their products, Really easy to set up and apply. Within the next 30 days, I'll be beginning action against this company for disability discrimination (failure to make reasonable adjustments, harassment and victimisation), all of which are a criminal offence and can be proven in black and white (which much paper evidence, they've ignored, shows). My credit limit was £900. That important area of 'customer service'. It's dangerous to have such persons managing any account, notwithstanding those of people with protected characteristics. AQUA many thanks for your service. My Reviews My Settings Install App Help Log out Log in Install App For companies Overview Reviews About Aquacreditcard Reviews 22 • Poor . Chris Lilly. They are allowed to do this but I was making regular payments each month, there was no reason for them to just take my money. Instead of acknowledging that I have special needs and offering a payment holiday, they instead applied a default to my account, increased my balance unlawfully and then, much to my now pleasure (as I know my rights and what to do), terminated my account (which saves me the time of having to do so). NewDay Ltd and NewDay Cards Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct … My Reviews My Settings Install App Help Log out Log in Sign up Install App For companies Overview Reviews About Aquacreditcard Reviews 8 • Poor . Download Aqua credit card and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. As I'll soon show Aqua, who desperately need to re-train their employees. Read Willbabe's review of the Aqua Credit Cards - , 97 of 229 Aqua Credit Cards - reviews, & compare with other Credit Cards at Review Centre aqua’s Reward card has an initial credit limit between £250 and £1,200, and offers 0.5% of spending as cashback, up to a total of £100, which is paid out annually. When I keep trying to get it increased I keep getting knocked back. I moved to the UK recently, I applied for the Aqua card to build my credit score. Easy to make payments using the app and easy to keep checking balance etc which is what I really like. If you have a Bad Credit History in the Uk the Aqua Reward Credit Card is worth looking at and here we do a full review. Reply from Aqua card 6 days ago What company has the right to treat the disabled/those with a protected characteristic in this manner? Easy to use. Keep you up to date with things and are really helpful, Hi is good im happy aqua card is very helpfull to bild credit i think improv phone payment. I am not able to call Customer Services as I am overseas. The Aqua Advance Credit Card includes many of the features that make other Aqua cards great for those looking to build or rebuild credit. It’s important to check your credit report regularly to keep an eye on your financial activity. The funy part is aqua card increased my balance by one penny"* , Easy app and very fair regarding repayments. They kept locking my card, kept calling them to unlock it OK! Absolutely no problems with Aqua. Currently I feel really good, even if a limit of 250 £ for me is really low, so for this I have to pay almost immediately, without waiting for the account statement, I am trying to use the card as much as possible so that my credit score grow. Only "directors" who need to be directed to unemployment have written to me (with not a single acknowledgement to the matter at hand). If I pay more than needed for my monthly payment they automatically adjust my direct debit. It's so good to hear that your Aqua card works for you! Expert review. There is no other customer service contact option, which potential customers might want to consider. One solid feature is that your interest rate might drop by 5% a year for three years, potentially getting to as low as 19.9%. Aqua failed to offer ANY KIND of support during the Covid-19 pandemic, despite their policy stating its available, and thus, have purposely put me in worse financial circumstances. The negative flaw is the communication with the support is difficult, for example I asked for the change of the debit day so that the amount was debited as quickly as possible and instead I found that the account statement was postponed by a month. There are even customer loyalty payments. Visit this website Aqua specialises in lending to borrowers with a poor or limited credit history, yet its rates start at 37.9% APR - well above average even in this sector. Aqua Classic. Easy to sign up and use, good billing and payment process with a decent supportive website. I am very much disappoint from their service. Prompt review on credit limit as long as you pay on time with what you owed then I guess there is no reason for aqua not to give you a higher credit limit. Last word.. Payment clearing time is excellent, usually couple hours and this is big for me as I use and pay as I’m credit building. Thanks for this review, it means a lot to us that you find it easy to manage. Aqua doesn’t seem to lend out many loans and currently only lends to its credit card customers. The representative APR is 34.9% for an assumed spend of £1,200 to be repaid over one year. They form part of the NewDay group of companies. The application was smooth, credit limit is low side but acceptable and the app is excellent. The app allows me to keep on top of my spending and pay money into the card when I have extra. Overall verdict: aqua’s Classic card is a suitable option for those with poor credit history who are looking to rebuild their credit file. Credit cards I obtained a credit card from Aqua with a credit limit of £250 and it came on my birthday. Looking at review sites and forums, Aqua’s credit card product is hit or miss with many people reporting unexpected charges and bad customer service. Easy to pay and good support network. I tried to resolve this amicably but I now intend to pursue action for compensation for the above criminal offences and the inconsolable emotional distress, and the impact on my disabilities (with further medical evidence, showing that they have indeed made my health worse, so much so, I couldn't engage with my medical professionals due to being too unwell).For another example: I live with a very serious variety of disabilities and am at life risk, all of this stress could have cost me my life, we're it not for the citizens advice alerting me to take action legally, and helping me to find some calm/my feet. I'M SURE AQUA WILL RESPOND WITH SOME "EXPLANATION" BUT MISCONDUCT THAT IS CRIMINAL BY LAW HAS NO EXCUSES/DESERVES NO EXPLANATION AFTER 8 WEEKS TO RECTIFY.I don't think any company has ever treated me with such degradation, dehumanisation, harassment or victimisation. Great card really easy to use and keep a check on spending if you use the app. As for me, I'll be awaiting their financial apology - - "treat others as you..." Aqua, so I'll treat you with the same courtesy you've shown me. © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. You can also write your own NewDay Aqua reviews to share your own experience with Smart Money People, the UK's leading financial services review site. Great for credit building, extra spending options and security. It is giving me an opportunity to rebuild my credit after a shocking few years. Do not understand how they work? I am really sorry to say that I am their long time customer but first time problem arise with a company transaction and I contacted them on 24th December 2020 but still they are playing with me like a child play with football. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. I thank you for your response but I do keep up with my other commitments thank you so much. I wish I’d never opened an account. By making my own demands and hopefully a lesson you should learn from.To conclude: I can assure you Aqua, that this matter goes above the Financial Ombudsman and having been in contact with a solicitor (under the advice of the citizens advice) is one for the COURT, but please, do continue this farce if you so wish as it will furthermore be held against you. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Do not listen to Aqua promises when you are looking for a credit card. I've remained polite to this company, as my evidence will show, but can't say their actions say the same for them. Easy to use. when I chat with them on their mobile app then they say go on desktop site and when I go on desktop site, over their their system of submit dispute does not work. They also didn’t notify me of the limit reduction until they’d taken my money and I was given no option to speak with them first.

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