To its northeast are France, Andorra and the Bay of Biscay, while to is northwest is Portugal. Taking it a notch above the trading empire of the Portuguese, the Spanish pioneered their way across North, Central, and South America, and took hold of the Philippines for over 300 years. If you want to live in Spain and are not a resident of an EU country, you must have a visa in hand before you visit. It stands approximately 12,195 feet tall. Some of the ways you can misspell the name of the country include switching some of the words when you write too fast or using Spainard instead of Spaniard. Wild pigs, lynx cats and ibexes can attack when provoked. A fact about Spain you probably don’t know is that there’s this little town called Coria del Río near Seville, with a lot of inhabitants descended from Hasekura Tsunenaga, a 17th-century samurai who stopped there during a diplomatic journey. Catalan, Aranès, Basque, and Galician are the four regional languages spoken in Spain. I can't say that I haven't thought about it a few times. Spain Facts |Animals in Spain In Spain you easily encounter mules and merino sheep especially in the highlands and in many place you will see are lizards and wall geckos. Spain – or the Kingdom of Spain, to give the country it’s official … Mount Teide is located on Tenerife Island, Canary Islands. It’s made up of various Autonomous Communities that have a certain level of self-government. Workers who make minimum wage earn €12,600 each year, but many skilled jobs in Spain pay more. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. From the complicated to the mundane and outright addictive, Spain’s inventions include the ancestor of the cigarette (17th century), the astronaut’s spacesuit (1935), and the humble mop and bucket (1956). The 8,000-meter-squared Mercado Central was designed in 1914 and exemplifies the interesting Valencian Art Nouveau architectural style. Expats are individuals who move to a foreign country and plan to live there for a temporary period of time before they return to their native countries. Though you might use the term Spanish to describe someone from Spain, this term can also refer to any items or products from the country. They called it Al-Andalus. The energy drink Missile is also popular. Instead of a tooth fairy, they’ve got a tooth… mouse. We hope to inspire other independent travelers and provide the resources to do so. Before the permit expires, you can request a new one to extend your stay. Spain developed a province system in 1833 and officially recognized that system in 1978. Morocco, France, and Portugal share borders with Spain, but it also shares a border with Gibraltar, a territory owned by the United Kingdom. Many of those tourists come from European countries, including Italy, France, and Portugal. 35. Madrid is the Capital of Spain. Tourism is big news in Spain. There are some pretty famous festivals in Spain, 17. Elsewhere, there’s La Tomatina, the world’s biggest food fight. This city has been of strategic importance since the first millennium BC, and passed through many different hands before it got to Spain in 1668. Twenty minutes, max. Those areas are both warm and dry. You can have your cash converted before or after you arrive. A bite from either one can send you into shock and possibly lead to death. Formula 1, gymnastics, bullfighting and basketball are other popular sports in Spain. This is held in Pamplona every year. Yes. New World Foods sounds like some organic supermarket, but anyway, it’s true. Football is the national sport and game of Spain. Around 310,000 expats from England and other countries in the UK account for the number of expats in Spain. Spain is home to both the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse. If you come for a college semester, your visa will expire within days of the last date of the semester. Well, a radio show host wondered if it was possible, so a few people in Spain and a few people in New Zealand placed baguettes on the ground. Those provinces include regions on the mainland and on the Spanish islands. 57. There are greats like El Greco, Velázquez, and Goya, to start with. Spain gets more tourists than the number of people who live there, 36. Spanish is the world’s second-most spoken native language, 4. They have two prongs that are slightly rounded and fit into the holes in the outlet. If Spanish food had to be summed up in one word, it would probably be tapas. ... Spain… Madrid has the oldest restaurant in the world, 14. Some of the other types of vegetation you might see include forests filled with oak trees and both lime and chestnut trees. That’s some quality sea and sand right there. With the urban areas added into this figure, Madrid has a total population of more than 5.8 million residents. Spain was under Muslim control for five centuries, 16. The national flower of Spain is the red carnation. Tostada con tomate is a popular breakfast food in France. Why? Spain. It ranks as one of the four largest countries in Europe. Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra de Guadarrama, El Escorial was the political center … Fast Facts in Spain Business Hours -- Banks are open Monday to Friday 9:30am to 2pm and Saturday 9:30am to 1pm. Tourism is big news in Spain. It includes fresh vegetables and thick tomatoes. Spain is the only European country to have a physical border with an African country, 2. Some regions and countries on the Spanish border also trade, including Morocco and Algeria. An official estimate of the population in 2018 was 46,733,038 people. Other dangerous spiders found in Spain include the Mediterranean Tarantula and the Mediterranean Funnel Web Spider. Super interesting. In 2006, Spain hosted one half of the world’s first Earth Sandwich, 21. Those who speak Spanish fluently and feel confident in their skills will have no problem moving to Spain or visiting there for several months or more. You can eat the omelets hot or cold with a glass of sparkling water, sangria or soda. It breaks the language down into easy to understand components. In the past, Spain was known for using donkeys to haul carts. It was made in the 18th century as a present for King Louis XV of France. Facts About Spain’s History The Moors Occupied Spain for Eight Centuries. 71. It’s next to impossible to visit Galway – or anywhere in Ireland for that matter – and not visit a…, When is the best time to visit Greece? If the local police stop and ask for your ID and you present an expired visa, officers can take you back to the station. The bull has a major role in the design of the country's flag. Galicia is Celtic. Your employer will use this number to take taxes from your checks. Other popular beaches include La Concha, Playa de Aiguablava, Rodas, Cala Mondragó and Galicia. Those beaches include San Sebastian, Ibiza, Benidorm and Mallorca. Siesta is still very much part of Spanish life, 27. Do I need a power adapter when I visit Spain? Though Magellan was Portuguese, Spanish navigator Juan Sebastian Elcano finished the job in 1522. While for many New Year means a countdown before/after/during getting pretty drunk, in Spain, there’s one delicate tradition that we like – eating grapes. U.S. citizens traveling to Spain are subject to COVID-19 entry restrictions. Spain is now the 30th most populous country in the entire world. Let’s dig in to some interesting Spain facts! The first circumnavigation of the world was carried out between 1519 and 1521, 9. Carnations and other types of flowers grow wild across Spain. You should only use those terms if you know for sure that someone belongs to that group. The crime levels in Spain are generally higher in large cities, including Barcelona and Madrid. Hi, I'm Bryan Haines. And drink, of course. 22. You absolutely can drink the water in Spain because more than 99% of the water that comes from the tap is safe. There are 47 UNESCO World Heritage Sites spread throughout Spain, from entire historic city centers all the way to bridges, buildings, and pre-historic rock art. Spain is approximately 195,360 square miles in size, which is 505,990 square kilometers. You won't want to miss the Canary Islands either, which are just off the coast. Here are the 3 Best (and Worst) Things, The White Towns of Andalucía (Los Pueblos Blancos), Sagrada Familia and Gaudi Sites, Barcelona, Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, Valencia, Corralejo, Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), Golden Triangle (home to many art museums and galleries), Pamploma, especially during the Running of the Bulls. As the nation imports more than $43 billion in German goods and products, Germany ranks as one of the top trading partners with Spain. During most of the year, Spain is in the Central European timezone (GMT+1). Spain has some unique road signs that warn you of wild animals, including jellyfish and giraffes. There are seven political parties called the national parties of Spain, including the People's Party, Spanish Socialist Party, United We Can and Citizens. Some expats live on the Canary Islands or near the coast. Check out this guide about the best way to learn Spanish. It ranks as one of the four largest countries in Europe. To work in Spain, you must have a Foreigner's Identity Number. A large number of bones have been recovered from caves at Atapuerca, Burgos, which come from sediments that are at least 300,000 years old. It’s probably the world’s most visited construction site, attracting 2.8 million visitors every year. Before you apply for a visa or look at immigration policies, you may want to learn more about the nation through the 80 facts about Spain that I found. Paella is the official dish in Spain, though you'll find many different versions served in different regions. Spain also gave the world many other firsts, 32. There are plans to increase this amount to €1,202 per month in 2019. Some of the other commodities exported by Spain include citrus fruits, gold, olive oil, and tomatoes. With a population of more than 5.2 million people, Madrid is the largest city in Spain. Some of the fruits native to Spain include apples, figs, cherries, bananas, and peaches. Here's how to order (and eat) churros in Spain. Spain has a stable government that works together to assist residents and tourists visiting the country. Spain ties some visa dates to the purposes of visits. Spain is a relatively mountainous country with more than 100 individual mountains. You should avoid any area off the beaten path unless you have the proper safety gear and an understanding of the wildlife of that area. Is Spain's population increasing or decreasing? There are 47 World Heritage Sites in Spain and 28 tentative sites on that list. It makes an exception for those who are self-employed and allows those workers to get a permit as long as they are 16 years old. Spain lies south of the range, France is to the north, and Andorra is entirely within the range near the eastern snow patch. 41. You need to show some type of proof as to why you should remain in the country though. 28. The first-known stapler came from Spain, 31. Wall current in Spain (and the rest of Europe) provide a device frying 220v – if you have devices from Canada or the US. As you look for facts about Spain, you may want to consider the difference between an expat and an immigrant. Spaniards typically eat a smaller dinner because they have a large meal in the middle of the day. The population density is lower in the rural parts of Spain. New World foods entered Europe through Spain, 34. One survey found that Spaniards now have a longer life expectancy than the Japanese. If Spain had a national drink, it would be sangria. All countries in the European Union use the euro (€), including Spain. What is the highest elevation in Spain? More than 27% of residents say that they do not follow any set religion or that they do not believe in religion. Churros are a popular alternative. You can check out some of the most beautiful churches in Spain, including historic sites and those that still offer services each week. The cities of Spain are distinguished by their wonderful nature and … You’d think that accolade would go to Ireland with all their pubs, but no, Spain has the highest number of drinking holes in the European Union. Called ‘Marcha Real,’ it’s also one of the world’s oldest national anthems, written in 1761. The Puerta del Sol (“Gate of the Sun”) plaza in Madrid is the physical center of the country. The most famous islands in Spain include: When tourists pick their favorite destinations and places in Spain, they often name major cities and attractions, including: National parks offer fun activities such as hiking and animal watching. Tourist information about Spain: art, culture, museums, monuments, beaches, cities, fiestas, routes, cuisine, natural spaces in Spain | in english A British-led policy of international non-intervention allowed General Franco (supported by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy) to emerge victorious in 1939, plunging Spain into authoritarian dictatorship until 1975. Inside, there are 900 stands selling everything from cold meats, fish, and cheese to olives, wine, and spices. With over 570 million Hispanophones, Spanish is second only to Mandarin Chinese. 68. Yeah, so weird fact about Spain – there’s no tooth fairy. The Canary Islands are part of the Western European Standard Time time zone (GMT). Spain is a popular tourist spot and sees the number of tourists visiting increase almost every year. Is it hard to become a citizen of Spain? The Spanish Civil War broke out in 1936, 12. I'm a traveler and photographer. Spain also has a Council of Ministries. Long-term visa let you stay beyond three months. Seeking some new facts about Spain? The official name of the country in Spanish is Reino de España. We love getting to off the beaten path destinations and aren’t afraid to go it alone. Depending on where you live or visit and the electronics you have, you'll find that you have access to either Type C or Type F plugs. This one is about El Restaurante Botín – the oldest restaurant in the world, recognized as such by Guinness World Records, no less. It produces and exports nearly 2% of the total amount of refined petroleum in the world today. shares the best travel insights, facts, and photos. Summer can bring temperatures well above 90 or even 100 degrees Fahrenheit and droughts. This is a light tomato dish mixed with fresh herbs served on top of crunchy bread. Barcelona, the second-largest city in … American tourists also visit Spain in large numbers. It’s a constitutional monarchy and the current monarch – as of 2014 – is King Felipe VI. Barcelona Where to Stay. 34. 31. Another portion of the country borders North Africa. Just open and read the phonetic phrases. 70. The Spanish national anthem has no words, 23. That visa provides you with entry to the country. What are the top 10 famous places in Spain? The most populous cities in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona are Valencia, Seville, and Bilbao. Population size: 44,7 million in 2006. While less than 32,000 Romanians immigrated to Spain in 2001, the number who moved there in 2014 climbed to more than 700,000. Spain is home to 15 national parks. Want to really learn the language? Spain has a national minimum wage of €1,050 per month. Siesta is an afternoon nap. From the late 15th century to the early 19th century, Spain may have controlled a lot of overseas territories, but it had its fingers in a lot of pies. And, for a while, the most powerful country in the world. What percentage of Spain are immigrants? Depending on where you stay, you might find seafood paella or a similar dish that includes seafood. In 2018, the country received 82.5 million tourists, making it the second-most visited nation on the planet. How can I immigrate to Spain? Valencia, Catalonia, and the Balearic Islands are Occitan and Catalan. That country is Morocco. It’s expected to be completed in 2026. They can then contact the government and begin the deportation proceedings. Some recipes include other fresh vegetables. An adapter like this will step down 220v to 110v. Aigüestortes i Estany of Saint Maurici National Park, 21 Kenyan Food and Drinks to Try (Dishes, Drinks, Desserts in Kenya), 24 Haitian Food and Drinks to Try: Guide to Cuisine in Haiti, 33 Peruvian Foods: Traditional Food in Peru (Dishes, Drinks, Desserts), 28 Banana Facts: Weird & Tasty Guide to Fruit, Plant, Nutrition, and History, 22 Nicaraguan Foods to Try: Dishes, Drinks, Desserts in Nicaragua, 12 Rwandan Foods to Try: Traditional Rwanda Dishes, Desserts, Drinks, 5 Types of Banana Spiders (From Harmless to Venomous), What Do Kangaroos Eat? If you want to eat like a Spaniard, consider stopping by a fast food restaurant such as Maoz or Munchies, Hot Dogs and More. In northern Spain, you'll find oak, beech, and heath. It follows the UTC +2 timezone in the summer. Because paella originates from Valencia, it is actually a regional dish – it isn't easy to get good paella everywhere in the country. Spain ranked second on the World Tourism Organization’s list of most visited countries in the world, with its number of international visitors amounting to nearly 83 million in 2018. How do you become a citizen of Spain? The first ‘novel’ is attributed to a Spanish author, 13. The relatively small Autonomous Region of Catalonia makes up 6.3% of Spain’s territory, but there’s a lot going for it. The dish is a soup that you eat cold. Those crops include olives, lemons, limes, oranges, apples, and saffron. Spain was the world’s first global empire, 3. 76. Fans of Gaudi and the artwork he created will want to visit Casa Mila. And before anyone else got to sample ‘em, it was Spain’s turn first. There are five parks between the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands and 10 on the mainland. Spain has produced some amazing artists, 33. There are more than 730,000 Romanians living in Spain today. These should be handy, especially while planning your trip to Spain. What is the best time to visit Spain? Dinner usually includes light fare such as fresh seafood steamed with lemon and olive oil or a salad dressed in olive oil and lemon. The fun fact about Spain is that the first "modern" novel, the book … Which is probably down to all those beaches…, 35 Facts About Mexico That Will Blow Your Mind, 36 Facts About Spain that Will Blow Your Mind, 29 Facts About Singapore That Will Blow Your Mind. It’s a little known fact about Spain that tourism is quite as big as it is, though. Mount Teide is the highest mountain in Spain and the nation's highest elevation. Regional and official languages in Spain include Basque, Galician, Valencian and Aranese. Deaf people use Spanish Sign Language (SSL) to communicate. 9 Types of Tigers: Guide to All Subspecies (Size, Population, Illegal Trade), 19 Facts About African Oxpecker Birds (Both Species of Buphagus), 21 King Cheetah Facts (King Cheetah vs Cheetah) Fur, Photos, Speed, How to Choose the Best Camera for Safari [Buyers Guide], Going on a Safari? Photograph by Pascal Saez, VWPics, Redux Learn more about them and their miniature friends. In 2018, the country received 82.5 million tourists, making it the second-most visited nation on the planet. Other trading partners include France, Italy, United States, and China. The most commonly spoken language in Spain is Spanish or Castilian. During the Renaissance period, this number was even higher. In Valencia, you’ll find the biggest market for fresh food in Europe, 30. Though Madrid and Seville are other popular choices, you can also live in a smaller town such as Palomares or Granada. More than 82 million people visit Spain on an annual basis. Churros usually have a sprinkle of sugar on top. And it was a Spanish expedition that did it. This eagle is on the threatened list because its numbers dropped over the last few decades. There are the famous Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean sea – including the very famous party island of Ibiza, of course – and then way out in the Atlantic Ocean, there are the Canary Islands. On this site, you’ll find our experiences, photography, and informative travel guides. 50 Fascinating Facts about Spain Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain, is located on the Iberian Peninsula and is part of Southwestern Europe. Basque, Catalan, Valencian and Andalusian are some of the cultural groups who live in Spain today. World Heritage Sites include buildings and structures that are historically important to the world at large. Other countries will a high number of immigrants in Spain include Morocco, the United Kingdom, Ecuador, Italy, Columbia, China, and Germany. Spain exports refined petroleum with an estimated market value of more than $400 billion. Many bars today exist simply for the joy of tapas. All Species (Likes, Plants, Meat?). It occupies about 85 percent of the Iberian Peninsula, which it shares with its smaller neighbor Portugal. Morocco, France, and Portugal share borders with Spain, but it also shares a border with Gibraltar, a territory owned by the United Kingdom. What is the best place to live in Spain? If your visa is in danger of expiring, talk to the consulate or the embassy. The first modern novel is Spanish. The Type C plug used in Spain is similar to the standard plugs used in America. You'll find evergreen oak and small shrubs in southern Spain. Spain Tourism: Best of Spain. Whether you want to dive into the water, spend some time on a boat or try some adventure sports, you need to find the best beaches in Spain. Size: 506,000M square meters (Spain is the second largest country in Europe after France). All that coastline means a lot of beaches. Spain is a country located in the southwestern region of Europe. The Balearic Islands are home to several mountains with elevations of above 1,000 feet. The nation saw its population grow from less than 30 million residents in 1950 to more than 46 million today. And this is primarily found in the mountains. Some of the other foods you should try in Spain include gambas al ajillo, pisto and pollo al ajillo. What are Spain’s international airports? Guide to Giraffe Species: How Many Types of Giraffes Are There? Madrid is the largest city in Spain by the number of inhabitants. It can take four weeks to get an NIE in the United States, but you can complete the process much faster when you arrive in Spain. Hopefully this section of Spain facts will help you organize your travel. You can look at some of the top Spanish landmarks as you plan your trip. What kind of food is traditional in Spain? The amount of time that you can live in Spain depends on the type of permit or visa you obtain. In this guide, you'll learn 77 facts about Spain, including food, expat, politics, travel, national symbols, and more. Paella can incorporate any type of meat, including prawns, sausage and chicken. Spain’s population is 46.7 million, so tourists account for almost double the population. Spain has five national languages, including one main language and those spoken in select regions. Spain, most Latin American countries, and Equatorial Guinea have Spanish as (one of) their official languages. Approximately 14% of all the people living in Spain are immigrants. Home to the World’s Oldest Restaurant The restaurant called Botin has been opened since 1725, which is a world record in terms of a restaurant that’s still operating. Spain–no.2 travel destination in the world with 80 million foreign visits a year, is reopening its borders to tourists in July–4 months after the lockdown began. 69. Okay, so that’s not the weirdest part. It was banned in the 1950s but reinstated in 1957 when residents held a funeral for the festival – complete with a tomato in a coffin. The second tallest elevation in Spain is Mulhacen, which is 11,411 feet tall. Though you can call the country Spain, its official name is the Kingdom of Spain. Most of the dishes that are famous in Spain include those mentioned above. Spanish omelets and sangria are other traditional Spanish dishes. You’ll get to have some pretty good bar crawls here. What is the most popular drink in Spain? The main and largest export of Spain is refined petroleum. Another portion of the country borders North Africa. Written by Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes, it tells the story of a man who has read too many tales of knights, romance, and chivalry. Spain has more bars than any other EU country, 24. Experts often recommend visiting Spain in September or October when the weather is cooler. A total of 21 nations speak Spanish on the daily. What were known as “Moors” from North Africa invaded Spain in 711 AD. What you probably don’t know is that it’s part of a longer nine-day festival in honor of Saint Fermin. Those mountains offer activities such as hiking and rock climbing. Some people also speak a second language such as Italian or English. If the water appears cloudy or has an unusual taste, you should avoid it. A must for anyone moving to Spain. It’s a great place in Valencia to check out, see a more detailed Valencia itinerary here. The Iberian pig is just one of the animals native to Spain. Originally made from vegetables mixed with snails and rabbit, it can include any type of meat today. Accommodation in Spain is plentiful and there is something to suit all travellers including budget lodging, travel lodges, bed and breakfast and luxury hotels. 47. And I'm a co-founder of this site. Much of the nation experiences an oceanic climate, which includes regular rainfall and both warm and cool temperatures. Information and Tourism The country of Spain is situated in the south-west of Europe and occupies a large part of the Iberian Penninsula, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. Yep. How stable is the current government? Specifically Paella Valenciana. You can also become a citizen if you marry someone who is a resident of Spain, even if the marriage takes place in another country. Unless you are Swiss or come from another country in the EU, you must also have a work permit. You'll see those images as part of the coat of arms of the Royal Family on the flag. 14. Due to various marriage alliances and inheritance, Spain had sway in parts of Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, and the entire Netherlands – which was actually known as the Spanish Netherlands from 1556 to 1714. Or maybe a question about visiting / living in Spain? When you eat this freshly cooked doughnuts, you can dip them into coffee or hot chocolate. We bet you were waiting for a fact about Spain as awesome as this one. The best time to visit Spain can include the late spring or the early fall. 74. The bull appears on the country's flags and government documents. It started in 1945 when some guy started throwing tomatoes at his friends. You can watch bullfights in different Spanish cities too. It has a reputation as a party destination because of its many nightclubs and bars. Cars and other types of vehicles have a total value of more than $30 billion and come from different companies that operate in the nation. If you thought there wasn’t, then we’d say you needed this fact about Spain. It is … Approximately 67% of people living in Spain identify as Roman Catholic. If you want to find us, head to the nearest coffee shop or check back here! They work from 9 am to 2 pm or later, take a two-hour lunch and then work until 8 or 9 pm. As the country has long days, you can enjoy more time outside in the sun and warm air. This figure includes people from other parts of the EU such as the UK and Germany and the number of people coming from other nations, including China and the United States. A Type F plug will have two rounded prongs that are larger in size and a case that will only fit into the outlet in one way. Setting sail from Seville in 1519, the expedition was led by Ferdinand Magellan. This historic event is known as the Moorish Conquest (‘La Conquista Musulmana’ in Spanish). Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Europe. This time zone converter lets you convert the current time in Spain from anywhere in the world. There are nearly 40 airports in the Spanish mainland and several others on the islands off the coast. It holds general elections and specialty elections to appoint politicians to the European Cabinet. Euros come in coins that correspond to one or two euros and smaller denominations as well as bills in sizes up to 500 euros. Spain has a constitutional monarchy government, which includes royals who rule along with appointed officials. Short-term visas give you three months to visit the country and decide what you want to do next. The most popular food in Spain is also the national dish, which is paella. Spain is a country located in the southwestern region of Europe. You can apply for a temporary residency permit, which lets you reside there for up to five years. Four other languages have official names for the nation too, including Catalan and Basque. It includes lots of practical infos and some of the information is summarized. I also blog about photography with a focus on GoPro cameras. The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is still not finished, 29. Approximately 36 of the airports in Spain handle international flights. 12. Silverback Strength vs Humans (Grizzly, Lion, Croc), Thinking About Living in Denmark? It’s not just the Iberian Peninsula where you’ll find Spanish territory. Spain is a storied country of stone castles, snowcapped mountains, vast monuments, and sophisticated cities. TRAVEL FACTS. It used to have words, but it doesn’t anymore. The EU’s second-largest country. Not so in Spain; you won’t have to go through the trouble of remembering anything but the tune to their national anthem. Short-term visas are best for short trips, while long-term visas are best for those who want to establish residency. They represent 14% of the country's total population. 66. Probably a mind-blowing fact about Spain right now, but what you thought was just plain, regular ol’ Spain, isn’t as simply defined as that.