Fjords are the soul of Norway – in total, the country is home to about 1,190 breathtaking fjords. The … Experience & Immerse yourself in the striking scenery of a truly outstanding natural attraction & main highlights of the Fjord Norway region with a two-night stay in the picturesque village of Balestrand, on the shores of the King of the Fjords itself, the spectacular Sognefjord - all in just one week!. The fjord is 204 kilometers long and 1308 meters deep. We hike along the shores of the majestic Nærøyfjord and up into the mountains from where we enjoy fantastic views over the fjord region below. In Norway, there are over 1,000 of these glorious waterways, which are known as “Norwegian fjords“. Norway in a nutshell® is the most popular round trip in Norway, and can be taken from Voss, Bergen or Oslo. Enjoy the glorious Nordic scenery during your dream come true tour to Norway. The … Continue reading "The Sognefjord" You will see picturesque villages along the fjord and a beautiful lush landscape with waterfalls, rivers and steep mountains. The Kingdom of Norway is known for its grand scenery. Arrive in Oslo and tour the city with a local guide. Norway is first and foremost a place of unforgettable natural beauty — and Norway's greatest claims to scenic fame are her deep, lush fjords. Consistently voted as one of the world's top travel destinations, the fjords of Norway are high on the bucket list of almost everyone I speak with. Fjord Norway has stunning scenery with deep blue fjords, flowing waterfalls, and sharp, snow-capped mountains that tower high above the water – as well as both solitary islands and some of Norway… Norway is a very expensive destination therefore joining our group would present a perfect opportunity to explore the country without breaking the bank. Staring gobsmacked at the imposing cliffs of Geirangerfjord. Norway has ideal conditions for boat trips with beautiful fjords, harbors, waterfalls, and much more waiting to be explored. Visit the charming capital city, Oslo, experience the Scandinavian lifestyle and have a … Set off on an all-embracing 6-day exploration of Norway with the Oslo to Bergen tour with Flam and Balestrand. Scenic Norway (ZQ) Small-Group Discovery. Hvordan Uno-X ledertrøyen 2019 ble vunnet På podiet av Tour of Norway 2019 fikk vi tre norske ryttere. Tour Dates & Pricing. Norwegian fjords tour starts in Oslo Receding glaciers from the Ice Ages naturally carved out deep, narrow waterways as they slowly retreated below sea level throughout the centuries. Fjord Tours lets you choose your own way to experience the waterways of Norway. But unlike many other must-see destinations, the best fjords of Norway are spread all over the country. This tour from Go Fjords takes you to Hardanger, Norway`s orchard. Majestic Fjords of Norway. From Viking longboats to coastal cities, experience Norway's dramatic scenery and unique culture on this nine-day adventure. Fjord cruises and fjord safaris are a great way to relax and see the sights. 10 days from Oslo to Oslo You’ve been looking for Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen in all the wrong places. The Norway in a nutshell® tour from Bergen can be taken as a round trip with return to Bergen, or as a one-way trip from Bergen to Oslo. We may even see eagles, orcas and dolphins, though we can't guarantee it! The Sami are Norway’s indigenous people. This 7-day express tour, starting and ending in Oslo, takes you over Norway’s mountainous rooftops by train to the rugged western coastline, where you’ll sail among the famous fjords. Book a Norway tour through the cities of Bergen and Tromso to witness this unique phenomenon first hand. The day is spent hiking and the evening provide plenty of time for exploring and relaxing around the mountain cabin. The Sognefjord, the king of the fjords, is the longest fjord adventure in Norway. About Your Norway Fjord Tour. Follow the Storfjord to see sights such as the Gudbrandsjuvet gorge, … Climb aboard five different trains to discover the magnificent fjords and alpine peaks of Norway with an 11-day exploration of Oslo, Trondheim, and Bergen. Norway - Fjords.