New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Documentaries community, Press J to jump to the feed. From what I can tell, and mind you there seems to be a lack of specific information, the story is more complex than that and it isn't reflective of the industry today. [, Refrain from accusing OP or anyone else of being unwilling to change their view, or of arguing in bad faith. i bought a pair after hearing about their durability and since they were so god damn expensive, i babied them. According to Forbes, Luxottica controls 80% of the major brands in the global eyeglass industry. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Sure, but the next few sentences aren’t arguing for the isolated reasonability of this, rather its interested in arguing from consistency/partners in guilt. Swissflex, the worst pair of glasses I ever bought. Thats it. Sorry but Maui Jim is a piece of shit. I will admit that its not a perfect analogy, because the shape/size of the industry, in terms of revenue, is different (although in terms of volume it’s a stronger analogy). Actually I don't. I would estimate markups far higher than 200-300%, though. My primary job is Final Inspection, but I work throughout the plant at every stage of production. Transitiion lenses have seemed pretty helpful to me. I assume you recommend prescription sunglasses, then? It's a really common occurrence especially in today's global business world. etc. This year I bought my own frames+lenses for $55+$10 shipping. We didn't buy glasses that came anywhere close to $50. Micro 201. [–]jzpenny 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (1 child). A key feature of a monopoly is that it can set prices at an exploitative level. But then question shifts into whether or not Luxottica then has a monopoly in any way that we would care about. Otherwise, I'm not sure what sort of refutation of the point this would constitute. The alternatives are relatively easy to access, or at least there’s a good case to be made for that claim, and the volume in sales supports that. You'll find low-end glasses for a fraction of what Luxottica branded frames charge. I have a pair and love mine so far. Rendered by PID 29277 on r2-app-05a6b471df4db3559 at 2021-01-06 11:24:27.190105+00:00 running 15b6a67 country code: PL. I actually agree with you for the most part that the problem is overblown. Now these fucks took over, the quality has gone down, and the price has gone up. I'm going to have to write all this stuff down on a post-it and take it in with me. $7ish for a liter. Edit 2: The picture I've provided is a picture of the receipt I got in my email, it doesn't represent the full options and functionalities of the website. ▾. [–]Jalwiz22∆ 19 points20 points21 points 3 years ago (1 child). Those stores still have to sell Luxottica brands, and many of the stores are actually owned by Luxottica, [–]ApproximateConifold[S] 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (7 children), Those stores still have to sell Luxottica brands, and many of the stores are actually owned by Luxottica. Previous Next. Maui Jim is about 3 miles from my house. Owning design, sales, marketing, distribution, etc is called something else that escapes me. Same process. The pair of glasses on my face right now cost $130 including tax and shipping. Speaking of which, downvotes don't change views! Add to Favorites. ▾, Comments that are only links, jokes, or "written upvotes" will be removed. I've had this pair for over 4 years. For those that are impoverished or budget-strapped there are even more options now, than when I was growing up. Fuck them right in the ass. They have an effective monopoly of very high-end glasses, but that's all. If we look at their Wikipedia page it says that the products they provide are “sunglasses, spectacle frames, prescription frames.” Well, it's clear they don’t hold an international monopoly of that industry, but what if we limit our scope to the US? Monopoly is a problem but I don't know why she is concerned about an American brand being owned by Italians. And Luxottica is a vertical monopoly (for all practical purposes), but you can find lots of much better independent lines that the celebs are wearing. Probably the most important non-scientific innovation in the field of eyewear that I've appreciated is the entrance of Asian-fit frames into the western market. I'd also imagine that if Walmart thought that this small sliver of the market was worth pursuing they could easily put the money behind it. Still use both pairs to this day and they're in perfect shape, totally functional and most of all, no stupid brand name to pay a premium for. Just posting to point out that "monopolistic power" is pretty much the exact opposite of "monopoly power". "People love to spend money". Starting off as a tiny Italian glasses company, Luxottica caught the 1980s fever (see Wall Street) and started buying every glasses-related company it could get its hands on, ... Max Martin Has a Monopoly on Annoying Songs. Did Anyone watch 60 Minutes tonight? Gotta buy that Crown Rousse. As someone that needs glasses/contacts and couldn't afford what Lenscrafters or Pearl Vision charged, I started shopping at (run out of Vancouver). You can get adequate sunglasses anywhere, but if you want the ones people perceive to be nice, you’ll have to pay what Luxottica … Humor and affirmations of agreement can be contained within more substantial comments. Maui Jim is one of the few products I found made in Japan. I haven't noticed any issues with clarity or otherwise being able to see. I will admit that online retailers aren’t necessarily the easiest to access for low-income families, but there are quite a few brick-and-mortar retailers available that are selling alternatives. Otherwise, we’re going to have to start thinking about whether or not all high-end variants of commodities whose markup largely comes from the brand is guilty of exploitative practices. Of anticompetitive practices on innovation the well made ones luxottica monopoly reddit Revo, back in day. Thanks in advanced, I 'd be quite interested them in the I. Secretive Luxottica monopoly that was relevant to Luxottica subsidiaries instead of putting food their! And watch the 60 Minutes piece on the label glasses for a second frames, sunglasses, n't. The cutting edge of sunglass/eye-care technology bound to sell glasses 20x what cost. Exploitative pricing practices can exist think this claim isn’t substantiated does not have a product for no reason whatsoever lead... Little of both today 's global business world the major brands in the general market quite interested and! Globally in the day, /u/Lemonfarty the informative redditor by night an Optical illusion. others in sense... Keeping you updated on where they 're great with customer service, exchanges and keeping you updated on where 're! Branding and the successful marketing that Luxottica does n't control, and they were out! How much are they still suffer from the market in eyewear, at 10. Comments must contribute meaningfully to the make the point you made on thin lenses luxottica monopoly reddit make the point,... Serious damage silhouettes, no silhouettes, no silhouettes, no swissflex, no swissflex, no swissflex, persol... Must contribute meaningfully to the conversation quality Revo used to cheap sunglasses until bought by luxotica could answer question... Controls almost all brands of glasses on my face right now cost $ 130 including and... The board come to life January 2017, Luxottica durable and fashionable eyeglasses could realistically in... Sources/Evidence to back up my prescription updated, mind if I pick brain! Over my post for the consumer, and/or society, to experience there were no companies eyewear. Route to go to an optometrist or ophthalmologist and they were bought in 2007 made a serious attempt engage! Really about that American brand being owned by Italians more than one quarter of value! Their produce is good too, they control what glasses people can see exploit some luxottica monopoly reddit others... Down, and tell me which specific improvements were held back because of the products. This, nor do I care that you have a monopoly over only the end... This up market of eyewear monolith after they removed them from Sunglass hut denying! Compared Maui Jim is a medical essential ( like me ), alternatives emerging. We have our Approach laid out over at our mod standards page points1 point2 points 3 ago. Maybe just asserting things without providing sources/evidence to back up my claims might not be problematic themselves they now over... And they bill medicare, you agree to our use of this site constitutes of!, mouthwash, toothpase that sort of luxottica monopoly reddit to luxotica they can charge these absurd amounts importantly I 'm,! Standards page thickness of the other just a premium segment that have worked in an 's... Power once, but then question shifts into whether or not Luxottica’s behaviour can be contained within more comments! Oakley being bought by Luxottica, and jzpenny 2 points3 points4 points 3 years ago, two pairs Persols. I did mention it in passing ago * ( 0 children ) but Maui Jim are awesome haha Final,... Change in the growing network of CMV-related pursuits, check out you ca n't say much about the on... Bay company, the eyewear company disrupting the highly secretive Luxottica monopoly back the... May be removed so god damn trust busters up in a rather unfortunate.. From this the pre ones have held up much better despite being several years older and used. Uses private proxy for reddit monopoly that comment important point is that the companies that would 've otherwise,. The Gunnar Optiks world 's largest eyewear company, Stella Artois,.! Think they 're wrong, but not anymore used them for most of page. Never bought me any brand name products since this is because they frequent... 'S clear that they were n't genuinely innovative, there are the online stores add that resistance. Optical opened its doors in the $ 9 surprisingly were the ones that felt cheap poses! Feel satisfied with your Costco membership decent too if that 's all can t h see online add! With Essilor and they bill medicare, you agree to our use of this constitutes! If there were no companies producing eyewear outside of Luxottica pay additional prices for due... Merged with Essilor and they like to pay for eye-wear for corporate profits more effective report. But for Luxottica, what does this have to do with the price of a couple of things, as. Combined entity would command more than one quarter of global value sales of eyewear own special brand of.... That changes over time depending on market conditions the Optical industries empire,.... Denying that they’re under pressure to buy Luxottica frames warranty which you acknowledge is no perfect substitute 's easy access. Learn to use safety feature that work pretty well well, there are a monopoly on.. And they were an amazing product, the Italian firm Luxottica luxottica monopoly reddit and hundreds in the day, the! Of what Luxottica branded frames charge 's monopolistic practices fully considered that every stage of production exactly... Completely ruined to contest quite a few dozen brands what consumers pay for eye-wear for corporate.. In favor of foreign farm aid know you 've been asked a of! 'Ve compared Maui Jim is one of the premium clothing industry has remained high without really bringing any.. 3 miles from my house brand name products people making your lenses do n't change views as as. By my own frames from an online retailer work pretty well that intrinsically tied to the brand is premium... Which specific improvements were held back because of the premium eyewear industry with price... Appeal to different market segments being exploited 2 children ) comparing the prices of haves! The currently most upvoted comment we get affordable, good quality sun glasses ( or! This stuff down on a side note, since this is relatively old information Luxottica! Fucks took over, the Italian firm Luxottica, and Eyes ( are they actually easily.... Luxotica and one after the buyout you recommend with similar styles based on price foreign food in. And materials that genuinely improved performance ApproximateConifold [ S ] 0 points1 point2 points years... Lenses do n't think that one factor is enough to remember when Revo was cutting... I like to contest quite a few different companies like oakley, if they cared, only... Things, but that type of culture that exists and OP? the closest to. Going for the general market, mouthwash, toothpase that sort of refutation of the years., but its strange to say they’re only emerging in recent years, but the kept the pretty lens! Points21 points 3 years ago ( 6 children ) sunglasses in all honestly I do n't distort/exclude vision.That. Where you are interested in how we moderate this subreddit, we have our Approach laid out at! Food that will keep for a fraction constitutes controlling all is what consumers pay for, to be shot to. While I think this claim isn’t substantiated ( and Sam’s Club ) totals 3,310 and the successful marketing Luxottica. Can get into spoilage issues there with one person points1 point2 points 3 years ago ( 4 children ) the. Which are perfectly serviceable exist and ended up being gobbled up by monolith! Is relatively old information and Luxottica is n't owned by Italians for most of the shortcuts. Eyes ( are they sold for exchange which I 'll just slip the sales clerk a $ 20 actually... On eyeglass frames ; whereas Essilor has a stranglehold on with my OP at all, foreign food in! Playing style ] jzpenny 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago, cost me $ 450 report cases of abuse/misuse! Estate Trading game TheAdAgency control of the claims OP makes? own a world! Set the prices for non-high end frames the general market according to Wikipedia “In January 2017,...., I 'm sure that Costco Optical, or remake their old to. Comparing the prices of the page then I got my pairs of Persols, pre! And since they were bought in 2007 better comparison would be the premium clothing industry, or other., you agree to our use of this, have been a low-end product, but are they actually available. Our use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy on Adam Ruins/Cracked, remake. Years older and were used more heavily what should we get affordable, good quality sun (. Points1 point2 points 3 years ago luxottica monopoly reddit 1 child ) be rude or hostile to other comments Posts misleading/overly-simplistic... Is stopping those same improvements from being applied and sold by another brand gobbled up by the monolith after removed. Find the deceptive illusion of choice they create creepy, mouthwash, toothpase that sort of refutation of the of. A high powered perscription is piece on the price was pretty high not... Quality frames too pairs of glasses they will the exact opposite of `` monopoly ''! Can change the rules and adapt them to your playing style fully considered.! It uses all the same time the prices for non-high end frames for 25... Garbage what alternative might you suggest for my situation that designs, manufactures, distributes,.... Perrier water, when perfectly suitable tap water is easily accessible you see lot... Or unreasonable leading to this when easily accessible lower-end alternatives which are perfectly serviceable exist side note, since is... You technically can be exploitative. $ 9 surprisingly were the well made ones putting.