Cook the red currants, stirring frequently, until they’re soft and wilted. Also great on venison dishes, and lots of other stuff. I’ve never done anything with them until this year and google-ing for recipies came through your blog. However following the cook who made this jam, she let it boil for five minutes and it indeed set nicely after cooling in the jars. Thanks for the timely post. I grew up picking currants in our backyard and we always had current jam. Don’t think I would pick as many berries as you did though! oh my word! And for my birthday, my “little” sister made the baked goat cheese (with the recommended accompaniments) and almond cake. Alternatively, they can be used in a variety of cooking and baking recipes such as this red currant jam or delicious zucchini cake recipe. What a gorgeous color…amazing how there are so many different types of red berries, and they’re all so different in color! Another year lost. (Like macarons, n’est-ce pas?). Thanks for any advise you can give me. The homemade nutella was just perfect. That scale is a nugget of fabulosity. But that’s too late anyhow. Oh, sorry…your post was on red currant jam, wasn’t it? Your photos, and writing, are both amazing, David! Nothing wrong with your writing, either, of course. Redcurrants are coming along nicely, and I’m looking forward to making them into jelly. In the book there are “Perfect Pairings” which might be of help. No cooking It is a not to be missed book. I’m trying my best to make my husband, who is a complete non reader, read your book too. We toasted to a few other things, but mostly to the fact that we had enough red currant jam to last us through the next year. 4 cups mashed currants (any variety) 2 teaspoons calcium water*. I realize all fruits are different, but there seems to be a 20% shrink in volume after cooking down the currants. Once David, what a splendidly bucolic post! 3. (Anyone?). If you are canning the jam you can place a canning kettle full of water on to boil at the same time as you wait for the jam to boil. 2) You have to add the remaining jam ingredients and they should be cooked on raw heat... be combined. Beauty! We all really appreciate it. And what a beautiful post. My red currants are just about ripe. They are a pain to take off the stems though if you make that many! Sorry to have to say this, but I’m glad that I’m not the only one with a “pest” problem in the garden. It will be easier to remove them from the stems when they are frozen. So much Jam….. wonder if you could spare me some ??? Once opened, store the jars in the refrigerator just as you would with store-bought jams. Thank you for recounting your experience. Gently crush the currants with a potato masher. ), The Spruce Eats uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Red currants such as these are groseille – I’ve never heard of gadelle and couldn’t find anything about them. I can never remember what to call something in both languages at the same time. The second recipe called for using jam sugar only, so I have no idea how much pectin there was – except that it was enough! they are a beautiful fruit! I’m looking for an old charming house like that in France. And when you do find red currants, they’re not inexpensive. Glorious…if only I had redcurrants! A lovely post–the photos are wonderful. Place red currants and water in a large, non-reactive pot. White: Gooseberries are called groseilles à maquereau but when I see them, they’re sometimes just labeled as maquereau. Thank you for all the time you take to write beautiful recipes and anecdotes to keep us entertained. I think this might merit a little bit of extrapolation. I get a few red currants from the farmer’s market every year, and have frozen them in the past… I think its Alice Waters who has a wonderful-sounding recipe for preserved red currants…. David, I was just in the garden and noticed that my black currant bushes have many ripe berries ready to be picked. Your photos make me wish that I had a car–I’m pretty sure that Illinois is mostly just corn country, but if I could make it out to Michigan, oh the berry-picking that would follow…. Wow – that looked delicious and your pictures were – once again – spectacular. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, Easy-to-Make Recipe for Homemade Mulberry Jam, Easy Raspberry Jam With Frozen or Fresh Berries. Rose = fat, tomato skins, and so on. It’s always fun to get immersed in the bounty of summer fruit. For 11 pounds (5 kilos) of red currants, we used 11 pounds (5 kilos) of sugar, and got twenty-two (12 ounce, 370g) jars of jam. Exquisite house in your pictures. As we don’t eat much jam I have never made it, but this post makes me want to. 5. During the weekend, I also learned a new word in French: blanchir, which ‘someone‘ French told me means to cook the berries until soft and wilted. He died of an overdose of “produit”. Fortunately this weekend we caught the tail end of red currant season, which are the first berries to ripen in the Île-de-France. Okay – the jam! First let me say that the recipe worked beautifully even though I only had caster sugar (used about 85%). So here I am, asking. Looks fantastic! Once the berries were cooked, or whatever you want to call it, we passed them through the food mill and the resulting puree was weighed. I store jam in the refrigerator, where it will keep for up to one year. It makes me want to rush off and find some red currants and make that jam. Loved reading the post. Nabeela: Thanks, and glad you’re enjoying the books! I’m still caught up by the radiation in green bean tips and not eating tomato skins! Red currant jelly is used quite frequently in baked goods and available in every grocery store. Thanks David. The photos are gorgeous. I recently made some strawberry jam and was not patient enough in the boiling stage and ended up with rather soupy jam. 4. I absolutely love redcurrants – my favourite of all the berries!!! We would pick only the ripest ones several times in a season.. She would make either sirup or jelly by first stewing the washed and stemmed berries until the skins would break open, then strain them through a jelly bag (made with selveral layers of cheesecloth), letting the juices drip out overnight. Sally: Some friends were really shocked that I didn’t peel tomatoes. I have never heard about the method of overturning the jars, i will do with the traditional boiling water method like my mother used to do. The result is a delicious jam with a color as brilliant as that of the fruit. Ingredients. And please come to Kansas City! She then would make either syrup or jelly. Awesome:). Cut an X through the skin at the bottom of the tomatoes, put them in a pan and pour boiling water over them. Oh! Now I live in Belgium and have my own red currants that came with the garden of the house we bought here. Thanks always David for your sense of humor……. Should I make them into jelly the same as the redcurrants? Picking and pitting. Some tin-lined pans should not be heated above a certain point but I’m pretty sure that you can use it for jam. Lovely nostalgic photos pleasantly far from the world of technolgy…. I didn't use any kind of thickener. Do you bite your tongue? All that said, I’d rather be in my little cottage in France, surrounded by my friends and neighbors, than any other place in the world. I’ve brought my Perfect Scoop out front and center….it is finally 80 degree weather and time for some ice cream. Hope I get to make the jam access to red currents here. It’s a nice place in winter – no. Hi Meg: I can’t really comment on other people’s recipes but generally you can cook jam down (again) until it’s the right temperature and “set”. The blackcurrants give the jam a sensational colour whilst the gooseberries make the jam fragrant. Can I also say how much I enjoyed your Sweet Life In Paris? Do wish I hadn’t read the bit about the radiation in the tips of green beans. Paris has the advantage of croissants though :-) He was planning on experimenting with the recipe until he reached his own childhood memory, but lacked the correct tool to remove the seeds from the fruit. too bad it doesn’t know what it’s missing! I’m loving the red current jam. That currant jam looks absolutely brilliant and must taste even better on some homemade bread!! Then I came inside and discovered your post on red currant jam. @ elizabeth re black currants: My favorite cake is a sheet cake, Rote Ribiselschnitten mit Schneehaube, topped with fresh red currants and then meringue. When I make jam, I use slightly less sugar and often reduce the amount by 10 to 20%, and add a small shot of. Drinking French Bar Boxes from Slope Cellars and K & L Wine Merchants, 10 Goofy Foods You’ll Find in a French Supermarket »,, Nutrition facts: 35 calories 0 grams fat. Amazing pictures…It’s looks amazingly beautiful…I have never made jam, though would love to try at some point….Brilliant blog…. Add the sugar and cook the mixture over medium-low heat, stirring constantly to dissolve the sugar. I have found from experience though that these sorts of french houses although absolutely gorgeous to look at are absolutely hellish to live in in winter. (Seedless, thankfully!). I asked the proprietor how old the pan was and he said it belong to a just deceased friend of his who was a collector of french copper pans. Two are still deer, not deers. I do have some vines with table grapes on though, I’m hoping they will be ready in a few weeks (early varieties!). Yikes… Those kinds of things always make me wonder what kind of goofy things we have like that in America.